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NOWPAP-PICES Joint Training on Remote Sensing

Qingdao, PR China — The NOWPAP Special Monitoring and Coastal Environmental Assessment Regional Activity Centre (CEARAC) recently organized a training workshop on remote sensing data analysis. Held on 21–25 October 2013, the training course was jointly sponsored by NOWPAP and the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), in collaboration with the Ocean Remote Sensing Institute of the Ocean University of China and the Chinese National Environmental Monitoring Centre of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The training course was conducted for 23 trainees from Canada, Cameroon, PR China, Japan, RO Korea and Oman. The trainees — including postgraduate students, professional researchers and local government officers whose work/studies are related to the marine environment — were selected among 73 applicants by the organizing committee. Seven trainers from the NOWPAP countries of PR China, Japan, RO Korea and Russia, as well as from Germany and the United States, delivered lectures on remote sensing applications for monitoring and assessment of the marine and coastal environment in the Northwest Pacific.

The PICES Science Board also recently approved NOWPAP’s proposal to organize a topic session for the PICES Annual Meeting to be held on October in Yeosu, RO Korea. The session, co-sponsored by the Group of Experts on Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution (GESAMP), is designed to address the growing threat of marine litter by presenting the status and trends associated with plastic debris pollution, as well as its environmental consequences and possible management actions.