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NOWPAP and NPEC Host Regional Node for Marine Litter

With the support of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (GPA), a regional node of the Global Partnership for Marine Litter (GPML) will be co-hosted by the Northwest Pacific Environmental Cooperation Centre (NPEC) and NOWPAP Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU). Based on the networks already established by NPEC and NOWPAP, as well as the experience obtained from the implementation of the marine litter-related activities, the Northwest Pacific GPML regional node is expected to play the following roles:

Further developing regional marine litter networks, maintaining communication and coordination across relevant stakeholders, convening regional learning and collaboration events, including workshops and topic-specific events, such as beach cleanup campaigns;
Providing information to the GPML Secretariat on regional priorities;
Facilitating technical collaboration and coordination of marine litter activities in the region and support activities of key GPML partners.

For contributing to the GPML regional node, a special website is being developed with the financial support from GPA to share information and reports on marine litter in English and four languages of the NOWPAP countries. The activities planned under the framework of the NPEC and NOWPAP Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter will also contribute to the development of the regional node, including, among others, annual International Coastal Cleanup campaign and workshop; monitoring marine litter quantities, composition and distribution; regular assessment of marine litter situation; and development of technical reports and guidelines.