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Degree Programs with Xiamen University Open for Application

The Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) and Ph.D. in Marine Affairs (PMA) under Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI), Xiamen University are now open for application.
Marine Affairs is a secondary interdiscipline under five first-level disciplines, namely, Marine Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Public Administration, Law and Applied Economics. Initiated from 2007 and 2014 respectively, COMI offers both master level and Ph.D. level marine affairs programs.
Ph.D. in Marine Affairs (PMA)
The Ph.D. program of Marine Affairs aims at fostering research and innovative talents of management with profound academic foundation and broad academic vision in the fields of marine affairs, and serving the needs of institutions of higher education, research institutes, government sectors, enterprises and public institutions for high-level talents in marine affairs. As an interdisciplinary program, Marine Affairs Ph.D. program offers two kinds of degrees for option, Doctoral Degree of Management, and Doctoral Degree of Science.
Program duration: 4 years
Research Directions

Marine Development Strategy and Policy
Oceans Law
Marine Economics
Ocean and Coastal Management

Master of Marine Affairs (MMA)
The Master of Marine Affairs program (MMA) is one of the international postgraduate programs in Xiamen University, PR China which recruits both Chinese and overseas students. The MMA program initiated from 2007, and up to the present (Jan., 2015), 117 students including 41 overseas students from 19 countries have been enrolled.
The Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) program aims at fostering complex talents with comprehensive research and management capabilities in ocean and coastal management, marine economics, marine policy and law, etc. The program is designed to meet the needs of governments of all levels, research institutes, advisory organizations and the academe for specialists in marine affairs. The program equips students with basic theories, knowledge and skills of marine affairs, so they will have strong practical capability to deal with complex issues of marine affairs. Students are also required to grasp the latest dynamics as well as the challenges of marine affairs in both domestic and abroad.
Program duration: 2 years
Research Directions

Ocean Policy and Law
Marine Economics
Ocean and Coastal Management

Download the information brochure for the introduction, application guidelines, and scholarships for the programs, or visit the COMI website for more information http://comi.xmu.edu.cn/enlist_edu.asp?parent=17&cateId=17-1