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KORDI Awards Dr. Kim Cheol Ho with 'KORDI Prize of the Month'

Seoul, RO Korea — Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute announced that Dr. Kim Cheol Ho from the Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Department was awarded the 'KORDI prize of the month.'

Through domestic and international activities, Dr. Kim has contributed to developing marine research, and was recognized his achievement of raising awareness of the effect of the ocean on climate change among governmental and non-professional groups.

Dr. Kim studied at SNU (MA in ocean science) and Kyushu University in Japan (PhD), joining KORDI in May 1986. He formerly served as Director of the Earth Environment Research Dept. and the Marine Climate‧Environmental Research Dept. He is now a senior research of KORDI, and Korea’s representative in IAPSO.

He has contributed to increasing the accuracy of weather forecasts in his research on ocean and climate since 2003 as a climate expert member of the National Weather Service and member of ELNINO response team. Since 2006, he has been working to inform the world of his finding as the representative of IAPSO.

In particular, he is highly recognized for his contribution in initiating the 'Climate joint workshop' 6 times between the National Meteorological Center and KORDI from 2006 to 2011.