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An integrated coastal strategy for the island of Guimaras

Guimaras Province (located southeast of Panay Island and northwest of Negros Island) has developed the Guimaras Coastal Strategy 2020 as part of its long-term vision of becoming the agri-ecotourism capital of the Western Visayas in the Philippines. Adopted via Resolution No. 160, the Guimaras Coastal Strategy builds on the province’s adoption of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) as a key approach towards achieving sustainable development of its coastal and marine areas and resources.

The result of an integrated planning process involving all public and private stakeholders of the province and its five municipalities, the Guimaras Coastal Strategy was developed through the help of local and national governments, NGOs, and fisherfolk and farmers who will be involved in its implementation as partners.

The Strategy identifies conflicts arising from multiple use of limited marine and coastal resources, proposes actions for protecting or enhancing environmental quality and biodiversity, while facilitating environment-friendly economic development and providing environmental investment opportunities.

Guimaras is now developing as a progressive agro-industrial and commercial growth center: as a tourism capital, a major fishing ground, and source of export-quality rice, cashew and mangoes. Its priority investment areas also include bed and breakfast facilities, agri-ecotourism, water sports-related facilities, an integrated transport terminal and a retirement village. The Provincial Economic Development Office (PEDO) has also initiated policies for the expansion of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to support the province’s economic vision.

See how the Guimaras Coastal Strategy 2020 helps balance the province’s economic development and environmental management. A copy of the report is available here.