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ICM Experiences and Lessons Shared at EMECS-8

Shanghai, PR China — PEMSEA shared its experiences in integrated coastal management programme development and implementation during the EMECS-8 International Conference on 27-30 October 2008 in Shanghai, PR China. The Conference was organized by the International Center for the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS)."Lessons and Experiences of PEMSEA as a Regional Partnership Mechanism in Integrated Coastal Management program development and implementation" was delivered by Ms. Kazumi Wakita of PEMSEA during the session on Institutional Models for Regional Collaboration in Coastal Science and Management.The presentation featured how the Regional Partnership Mechanism of PEMSEA has evolved through the commitment of the Partners as well as how science can be effectively incorporated into ICM programme development and implementation.Dr. Haruyuki Kojima, Dean of Engineering, Kyusyu Kyoritsu University, expressed that the lessons learned over 14 years of ICM experience were well appreciated.EMECS-8 provided PEMSEA the opportunity to further expand its network with various science institutions, including the Land-Ocean Interactions in Coastal Zone (LOICZ) and the Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research for Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to name a few. These institutions expressed their strong interest in future collaboration with PEMSEA on ICM and participation in the EAS Congress 2009.