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Guimaras Province Joins the PNLG

Sihanoukville, Cambodia — Following the establishment of Guimaras Province (Philippines) as a PEMSEA ICM parallel site showcasing management of an island ecosystem in August 2008, the Province became the newest member of the PEMSEA Network of Local Governments for Sustainable Coastal Development. PNLG member local governments and participants to the 2008 PNLG Forum (see related article) witnessed the formal induction of Guimaras during its General Assembly Meeting in November. Guimaras Province is the 24th member local government of the PNLG.The Honorable Felipe Hilan A. Nava, Governor of Guimaras, signed the PNLG Charter on behalf of the Province. In his statement, Governor Nava, expressed Guimaras' commitment to uphold the vision and mission of the PNLG, contribute to achieving the objectives of the Network, and abide by its Code of Conduct. Governor Nava recalled how the oil spill incident that occurred on 11 August 2006, which made Guimaras famous (aside from its signature product - the Guimaras mangoes), and provided the window of opportunity and realization for the Province to embrace an integrated approach to managing its coastal and marine areas and resources.With the emerging challenges posed by climate change and sea level rise, in addition to other local concerns, Governor Nava stressed that by joining the PNLG, Guimaras not only recognizes the benefits of forging partnerships with other local governments, which are faced with similar challenges, but also the advantage of sharing experiences and learning from each other.