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DPR Korea achieves numerous milestones on sustainable coastal and marine resource development in 2021

DPR Korea is one of PEMSEA’s country partners since the 1990s, working to implement the shared regional blueprint called the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia.

In 2021, DPR Korea adopted regulations on coastal protection and management, implemented the national plan on marine resource protection, and adopted relevant measures for the building and maintenance of coastal protection facilities nationwide. 

A member of the PEMSEA Network of Learning Centers, Kim Il Sung University, the first university built in the country, gave two short-term courses to capacitate local officials and experts in the field of integrated coastal management (ICM). 

DPR Korea also conducted research to predict coastline changes in the country in the next 50 years and is intensifying its research on the sustainable protection and management of the marine environment in the east and west coasts of the country.

DPRK delegation headed by Vice Minister for External Economic Relations Ri Myong San (center) with officials from the country’s General Bureau for Cooperation with International Organizations, Deputy Director-General Jong Kwang-Jin (left) and Officer Kang Hyon A (right), during the 7th East Asian Seas Ministerial Forum

To know more about these efforts and their other accomplishments in the field of sustainable coastal and marine resource development, do check out their country statement during the 7th East Asian Seas Ministerial Forum in 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58Xgw83KFtY.