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Community Engagement Focused in Tropical Coasts Issue

Quezon City, Philippines — During the East Asian Seas Congress 2006, the role of each stakeholder was highlighted as a crucial element in ocean protection, development and governance. As a way to impart the key lessons learned and actions being undertaken in various parts of the region and even in other areas, two special issues of the Tropical Coasts magazine on the East Asian Seas Congress 2006 have been released.Entitled "One Vision, One People," this special Tropical Coasts issue looks back at the Thematic Workshops on Communities in Sustainable Development; Ecosystem-based Management: From River Basins to Coastal Seas; and Applying Management-related Science and Technology, and explores how numerous approaches and tools are utilized to engage different stakeholders in the process of coastal management. Also featured is the first-ever Youth Forum for the East Asian Seas (EAS), co-organized by the Coastal Management Center (CMC) and PEMSEA, and the Youth Agenda for the East Asian Seas, a document prepared and signed by the 45 delegates that reflects the youth's ingenuity and commitment for the environment.The first issue carried the title "One Vision, One Ocean" and highlighted the continuing degradation of the marine and coastal environment and focused on the key outputs and outcomes of the Thematic Workshops on Securing the Oceans; Safer Shipping and Cleaner Oceans; Certifying Sustainability; and Local Government Financing for Water, Sewage and Sanitation. If you wish to obtain electronic copies of these special Tropical Coasts issues, email info@pemsea.org.