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Chonburi's Progress on the State of the Coasts Report

Chonburi, Thailand — The 160-km coastline of Chonburi Province, with its 26 coastal LGUs, will be evaluated in an initial State of the Coasts (SOC) report. The current social, economic and environmental status, including governance mechanisms, of the Province will be assessed in relation to the status prior to the implementation of integrated coastal management (ICM) in 1995 (i.e., the selected baseline year). Similarly, the progress of the Province in the implementation of ICM since 2001, including the impacts of its implementation, will be reviewed.Apart from tracking the progress of ICM implementation, results will be likewise evaluated in terms of the progress of the Province in meeting its sustainable development targets.The State of the Coasts Technical Working Group (SOC-TWG), including cluster representatives from the 26 coastal local government units (LGUs), representatives from the provincial agencies and the Project Management Office (PMO) convened a data consolidation and validation workshop on 9-13 March. The five-day workshop facilitated the filling in of data/information in the SOC reporting template, the initial analysis of consolidated data, the identification of critical data gaps as well as identifying strategies to address some of the critical gaps.Workshop participants agreed to exhaust other data sources to gather more comprehensive information that can be included in the initial SOC report for Chonburi. Moreover, specific action plans and timelines in completing the report were developed. The participation of stakeholders in validating results, identifying implications of observed changes as well as in the formulation of key recommendations to be included in the report was particularly identified as an important consideration.The local governments of Chonburi Province recognized the value of implementing the SOC reporting system in providing information on various aspects affecting the sustainable development of the marine and coastal areas, including the governance system. Various task teams (SOC-TWG) have been identified through Provincial Order No. 105/2009 issued in January in order to ensure the timely and smooth implementation of the reporting system. The implementation of the reporting system had been facilitated by efforts to translate the materials for SOC development into the local language. Resource materials provided by PEMSEA include the SOC reporting template, which outlines the data requirements, and the Guidebook for the State of the Coasts, which describes the general process of developing the SOC.The SOC for Chonburi is scheduled to be completed by June 2009.