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Chinese Intern Joins PEMSEA's Professional Upgrading Program for 2010

Quezon City, Philippines — Ms. Zhang Lifeng, principal staff member of the Resource and Environment Protection Department of the Xiamen Oceans and Fisheries Bureau, has joined PEMSEA for a three-month period as part of PEMSEA's Professional Upgrading Program for 2010.Ms. Lifeng is in-charge of the implementation of the Marine Environment Conservation Planning in Xiamen, which includes the monitoring of marine environmental quality and promoting ecosystem-based management in Jiulong River Basin and Xiamen Bay.During her three-month stay in the Philippines, Ms. Lifeng will mainly work on refining the State of the Coasts Report of Xiamen, the Jiulong Integrated River Basin and Coastal Area Plan and Operational Strategy, and a case study on risk mitigation through effective implementation of integrated management in Xiamen.Ms. Lifeng joins Mr. Choe Rim of DPR Korea as part of the first batch of PEMSEA's 2010 Internship Program. Representatives from PEMSEA partner sites in Cambodia, PR China, DPR Korea, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Viet Nam will consist of the second batch of interns in the second half of 2010.