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Champasak Celebrates World Water Day, Water Use Fund Launched

Champack, Southern Lao PDR — More than 300 stakeholders from key government agencies, schools and environmental organizations gathered in the Paksong District for the first celebration of the International World Water Day (WWD) in Southern Lao PDR.

The event marked the launching of the Water Resource Management Fund for Paksong District, which was set up to provide funding for water-related management in the district. The fund will be generated from public donations and fees from water resources users and developers. This will be managed by the Paksong Water Resources Steering Committee.

The celebration held on 29 March 2013, highlighted the importance of sustainable water management through effective collaboration among various sectors in Sedone.

"Water is a key component in achieving sustainable development and we must to take conscious measures to take care of water and water resources," Mr. Niphone Viengpaserth of the Champasack Governor's Office stressed during the celebration.

There are 13 rivers in Sedone that originate from Bolaven Plateau in Paksong District, making it a critical area in water management for riverbasin. The Sedone Riverbasin is one of the 12 major Mekong tributaries in Lao PDR.

The event was co-organized by the Sedone Integrated Riverbasin Management Project, the IUCN, the Sepian-Senamnoy Hydropower Project, the Provincial Office of Champasack and the Paksong District Administrative Organization.

This article was contributed by Mr. Sengsoulivanh Inthachack, Project Coordinating Office Head, Province of Champasack, Lao PDR