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Capacity on Pollution Reduction Strengthened in Twinning Workshop

Mandaluyong City, Philippines — A Twinning Workshop on Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) was conducted in Manila on 18-21 May, with representatives from pollution reduction projects in Manila Bay, Jakarta Bay and Bohai Sea. The twinning partners from Chesapeake Bay Program (USA) and the Masan-Chinhae Bay (Republic of Korea) shared good practices and challenges on Integrated River Basin and Coastal Area Management (IRBCAM).In the first part of the workshop, good practices and challenges on IRBCAM were shared among sites, i.e., Manila Bay, Jakarta Bay, Bohai Sea, Masan-Chinhae Bay and Chesapeake Bay through presentations from the respective sites as well as active discussion by the participants.The latter part of the workshop was devoted to the capacity development of the participants in developing respective TMDLs at their own sites. Experts from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and Maryland Department of the Environment delivered a series of lectures on TMDL development and implementation in Chesapeake Bay.At the end of the workshop, the initial planning on future development of the TMDLs for the MMO River Basin in Manila Bay and Ciliwung River Basin in Jakarta Bay were developed; and the roadmaps for further development were envisaged and presented by the participants.The workshop was co-organized by PEMSEA and the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI)/PEMSEA Twinning Secretariat, supported by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) of RO Korea, and hosted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) of the Philippines.