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Special Session on Disaster Management

Last modified June 09, 2010

Special Session on Disaster Management

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Disaster management is getting more attention nowadays as a result of disasters becoming more and more frequent and catastrophic. In the East Asian Seas region, coastal communities and small islands are particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the impact caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami among others.

The importance of knowing how to prepare and respond to disasters has also led to the evolution of disaster management from an almost ad-hoc response to nature's disturbances to a holistic system of preventing and mitigating risks and adaptation. New ways of addressing disasters have taken advantage of the advances in information and communication technology. It has also integrated various disciplines and concerns including stakeholder involvement, governance and policy issues at the local and national level and the threat of climate change, which puts a global perspective on an otherwise local concern.

This workshop reviewed the current status of disaster management capacities of various localities within and outside the East Asian Seas region. Specifically it had the following objectives:

  • Take stock of whatever resources are available that can be optimized to create a more effective disaster management framework with due consideration to the unique settings ofeach locality/country;
  • Assess the effectiveness and determine the value of applying science and technology as a tool for disaster management; and,
  • Share information on the new ways of collaborating among various sectors of the society.