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Best Approaches to Sustainable Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management

Last modified December 19, 2009

Workshop on Community Initiatives

Multiple agencies are working on various aspects of integrated coastal management (ICM) in the Indian Ocean region. These agencies' programmes and projects reflect their individual institutional mandates and at the same time address similar issues. The 2004 tsunami underscored the challenges experienced by governments and civil society in preparing for and responding to disasters. In the aftermath of the tsunami, regional institutions and international partners began to explore the potential to develop more effective ways for governments and civil society to prepare for and cope with eventual future catastrophes.

In response, the Mangroves for the Future initiative (MFF) undertook a rapid assessment of the programmes of institutions working in the field of ICM in the region. The purpose of the regional assessment, which was conducted in 2007-08, was to determine: (1) the intersections of the programmes of these institutions; (2) the degree to which these institutions are currently collaborating with each other; and (3) the degree to which they are currently cooperating with civil society. The workshop presented the findings of this assessment, which has been updated recently by the institutions involved, and engaged participants in discussing key issues that emerged from the study, with the aim of securing concrete recommendations for action.