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Special Events/Meetings

Last modified January 18, 2010

Side Events

Second EAS Youth Forum (22-26 November 2009)

The 2nd EAS Youth Forum (YF2) provided a venue for the youth of the EAS region to learn more about pressing issues in the marine and coastal environment; strengthened the role of young participants in addressing these issues; and provided practical skills that can be applied at the community level. The YF2 carried the theme: Youth, Oceans, and Climate Change. The YF2 served as a venue for promoting awareness on the potential impacts of climate change and how the youth can be engaged in addressing this pressing concern.

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PEMSEA Network of Local Governments for Sustainable Coastal Development  (PNLG) Meeting *

The PNLG Meeting aimed to: provide a venue for mutual learning and mentoring among the PNLG members; facilitate the exchange of information and practical experiences, skills and management know-how on ICM; and promote LGU networking with donors, private sector, other relevant agencies and stakeholders such as ICLEI and national network of local governments.

Public-Private Partnerships for the Rehabilitation of Manila Bay: A CSR Forum

The CSR event was designed to provide the corporate sector with a venue to highlight, review and evaluate their contribution to the coastal and marine environment. It was also an opportunity to support the Operational Plan for the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy.

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PEMSEA Partners’ Recognition and Awards Ceremony / Partnership Night

The event was a celebration of partnership, collaboration and cooperation in support of sustainable development of the Seas of East Asia. The event recognized the efforts made by participating Country and non-Country Partners, local governments, private sector, universities, Congress co-conveners, collaborators and sponsors with the objective of strengthening partnerships among countries and non-country entities for the implementation of the SDS-SEA.

Exhibition on Good Practices and Innovative Technologies

The EAS Congress exhibition provided a venue for displays of good practices and innovative technologies on coastal and ocean management as well as venue for interactive sessions of various Conference workshops, whereby selected exhibit displays will be utilized for presentations and interactive discussions.

Session on the Monsoon Onset Monitoring and Its Social and Ecosystem Impacts (Special Meeting by IOC WESTPAC) *

Being one of most well known monsoon systems, Asia Monsoon has been playing a significant role in the agriculture and the livelihood of people in the region as it brings heavy rain for the wider Southeast Asian Basin and its neighboring countries. However, if the Asia Monsoon deviates from its normal pattern, it will cause floods and droughts, thus finally resulting in the disruption of agricultural operation, even displacement of inhabitants. In this sense, accurate forecasting of the timing of the onset is therefore very important. To this end, IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC) developed, within its framework of South East Asia-Global Ocean Observing System (SEAGOOS), one pilot project entitled "Monsoon Onset Monitoring and its Social & Ecosystem Impacts" (MOMSEI). This pilot project, through enhancing the monsoon onset monitoring capability in the Andaman Sea in synergy with the on-going efforts of Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS), aims to improve the understanding and forecasting of Asia monsoon and its multi-scale variability. In addition, this pilot project can also demonstrate the value of ocean observations for the ecosystem conservation by analyzing the possible link between the Monsoon onset and coral reef bleaching in the Andaman Sea. It is said the coral reef bleaching in the Andaman Sea has a strong seasonality and tendency to occur during the pre-monsoon onset period when the sea surface temperature (SST) reaches its annual maximum. Hence the monsoon monitoring information, particularly its onset time and strength, will help evaluate the coral bleaching risk. The MOMSEI side meeting discussed the potential link between the coral bleaching with the monsoon climate variability, identify the possible collaborations with other partners in the region, and further finalize the science plan of the pilot project.

Second SGP-PMO Directors Meeting *

A follow-on meeting to the SGP-PMO meeting held at the EAS Congress 2006.

Poster Sessions

Various experiences, good practices and advanced research on coastal and ocean management and development were presented during the Poster Session of the EAS Congress. The posters cover the following key issue areas: 1) coastal and ocean governance; 2) natural and man-made hazard prevention and management; 3) habitat protection, restoration and management; 4) water use and supply management; 5) food security and livelihood management; and 6) pollution reduction and waste management.

Each poster presenter were given 5-10 minutes to explain their posters which was followed by an open forum.

Field Visits (27 November 2009)

Several field visits to some coastal communities/sites were opened for all Congress participants.