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Business and Finance Self-Sustainability Consultant

To support PEMSEA’s continuing efforts as it transforms into a fully self-sustaining international organization, the 8th EAS Partnership Council Meeting requested the development of working documents providing an assessment of progress to-date and recommendations on delivery of services, development of new business, mechanisms for financial sustainability and establishment of the PRF as a regional / global hub for coastal and ocean governance and blue economy development. Project outputs will be reviewed by the PEMSEA Executive Committee and EAS Partnership Council in early 2017 in preparation for adoption at the 9th EAS Partnership Council meeting in June 2017.

Under the guidance of the Executive Director and in close cooperation with the Head of Professional Services, the consultant will be responsible for developing working documents providing assessment of progress and recommendations for achieving Target 1 of the Danang Compact, including essential characteristics of PEMSEA as an effective and sustainable organization.

The deadline for applications is 15 October 2016.

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