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The East Asian Seas Partnership Council

Last modified October 04, 2010

The EAS Partnership Council is a regular body composed of all Partners. The Council formulates both program and operational policy in support of the implementation of the SDS-SEA, based on policy direction, recommendations and commitments provided by the Ministerial Forum, EAS Congress, and other Partners.

Council Composition:

Download Documents from Previous EAS Partnership Council Meetings
Third EAS Partnership Council Meeting
Dandong, Liaoning Province, PR China - 26-29 July 2010
Second East Asian Seas Partnership Council Meeting
Tokyo, Japan - 14-17 July 2008
First EAS Partnership Council Meeting
Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia - 17-20 July 2007

The Council has an Executive Committee and two types of sessions, an Intergovernmental Session and a Technical Session. The Council elects a Chair to a three-year term. The Council Chair is the Chair of the Executive Committee and will sit in the Intergovernmental Session and the Technical Session as ex officio.

The Intergovernmental Session and Technical Session elect their respective Session Chairs to a three-year term, who also serve as members of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Director of the PEMSEA Resource Facility will serve as the Secretary of the Council and of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

Comprised of the Council Chair, the Session Chairs, and the Secretary, the Executive Committee shall act as officers of the EAS Partnership Council. The Executive Committee ensures and oversees the implementation of the decisions of the Council, and reports to the Council.

The three Chairs were elected by consensus at the First EAS Partnership Council Meeting in July 2007 in Manado City, Indonesia.

  • Dr. Chua Thia-Eng
    Council Chair

Intergovernmental Session

The Intergovernmental Session is composed of the duly designated representatives of the Partner countries of the Seas of East Asia region. It may formulate guidelines concerning the participation of other Partners in the Session, as it deems appropriate. It considers the recommendations of the Technical Session, and provides policy guidance, coordination, and evaluation of the progress of the SDS-SEA implementation.

  • Dr. Li Haiqing
    Intergovernmental Session Chair

Technical Session

The Technical Session is composed of the duly designated representatives of the Partners. Preceding the Intergovernmental Session, the Technical Session discusses issues, submissions and topics related to the scientific, technical and financial aspects of SDS-SEA implementation, partnership opportunities, collaborative research, capacity building and knowledge sharing, and makes recommendations to the Intergovernmental Session as appropriate.

  • Mr. Hiroshi Terashima
    Technical Session Chair

Council Meetings:

The Council convenes every eighteen months, and makes decisions on a consensus basis. The Council formulates and adopts rules of procedure, including consensus building and conflict resolution. The Technical Session and Intergovernmental Session will develop their respective terms of reference.

Third Partnership Council Meeting Documents

PC/10/DOC/01 List of Documents
PC/10/DOC/03 Agenda
PC/10/DOC/04 Annotated Agenda
PC/10/DOC/05 Implementation Status of Major Recommendations and Decisions of the Previous Council Meetings, the EAS Congress 2009 and The Ministerial Forum 2009
PC/10/DOC/06 The Executive Committee
PC/10/DOC/07 Guidelines on Eligibility of Non-Country Partners
PC/10/DOC/08 Report of the Council Chair
PC/10/DOC/09 Report of the Executive Director
PC/10/DOC/10a A Transformed PEMSEA: Vision, Mission and Operating Modality: Blueprint for a Transformed PEMSEA
PC/10/DOC/10b Concept Paper for a GEF/UNDP Regional Project on Scaling Up the Implementation of the SDS-SEA (2012-2015)
PC/10/DOC/10d Concept Paper on the Re-engineering of the PRF
PC/10/DOC/10e Concept Paper for a PEMSEA Financial Sustainability Plan (2012 - 2015)
PC/10/DOC/11 Summary of Progress and Achievements in SDS-SEA Implementation (2003 to 2010)
PC/10/DOC/12 Interactive Collaborative Planning among Partners for SDS-SEA Implementation
PC/10/DOC/13 Process for Development and Approval of PEMSEA Codes, Guidelines and Good Practices
PC/10/DOC/14 Preparation for the major UN Conferences: WSSD+10 in 2012 and UNCSD Conference on Oceans and Seas in 2015
PC/10/DOC/15a GEF/UNDP/UNOPS Project on SDS-SEA Implementation (2008-2010)