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The East Asian Seas Congress

Last modified July 18, 2008

Held every three years, the EAS Congress consists of a Ministerial Forum, an International Conference and other related activities.

EAS Congress 2009The Ministerial Forum on the EAS Congress provides policy directions and commitments for improving and strengthening the implementation of the SDS-SEA.

The International Conference serves as the forum for:

  1. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the SDS-SEA;
  2. Facilitating knowledge exchange, advocacy and multi-stakeholder participation, through sessions, workshops, side events and exhibitions, etc.;
  3. Promoting the ocean agenda as a priority programme in international and regional forums;
  4. Promoting the development of financing mechanisms and investment opportunities for sustainable coastal and marine development;
  5. Encouraging corporate responsibility in the business community; and
  6. Discussing specific sectoral and cross-sectoral issues and concerns, as well as partnership arrangements for the subregional seas or environmentally sensitive areas, for the implementation of the SDS-SEA.

The hosting and venue of the EAS Congress will be determined by the EAS Partnership Council in consultation with the Partner countries.

The EAS Congress presents its conclusions and recommendations to the EAS Partnership Council for implementation.

To know more about the EAS Congress 2009 in Manila, Philippines, click here.

To know about the EAS Congress 2003 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, click here. To access workshop proceedings, reports on outputs and outcomes and multimedia materials for the EAS Congress 2006, click here.