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Last modified July 18, 2008

PEMSEA continues to innovate and expand its various regional networks in support of the implementation of the SDS-SEA. Building on more than a decade of experience, in which individuals, organizations and public and private entities have been engaged in advancing knowledge and technology transfer, information exchange, and skills training, a number of new arrangements and networking approaches have been developed.

Twinning Arrangements

The creation of the twinning concept is prompted by the need to manage human activities in an integrated fashion using an ecosystem-based approach. Through the forging of twinning arrangements between and among priority sites within the region, PEMSEA hopes to build south-south and north-south collaboration in managing river basins and coastal areas.

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PEMSEA Task Forces

A major challenge of PEMSEA involves turning knowledge and concern about the degradation and destruction of East Asia’s coastal and marine environment into on-the ground actions. One way of addressing this challenge is to raise awareness and to mobilize the exclusive and collective strengths and capacities of individuals, communities, economic sectors and governments. PEMSEA believes that there is an abundance of intellectual capital available in the region, and is committed to effectively mobilizing and utilizing these resources and skills to effectively develop and implement sustainable development programs at the local, national and regional levels.

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The PEMSEA Network of Local Governments for Sustainable Coastal Development (PNLG) is the first of its kind in the East Asian Seas region. It is a self-sustaining network of local governments implementing ICM programs. Local government members develop and implement ICM programs using the same framework and processes.

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