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The Partnerships in the Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) is a partnership arrangement involving various stakeholders of the Seas of East Asia, including national and local governments, civil society, the private sector, research and education institutions, communities, international agencies, regional programmes, financial institutions and donors. It is also the regional coordinating mechanism for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA).

Tasked to facilitate the realization of the SDS-SEA shared vision, mission, action programs and desired changes, PEMSEA gathers the stakeholders to work together and act dynamically and in a coordinated manner, within the SDS-SEA and the Sustainable Development of Coastal Areas framework.


  • To strengthen consensus among partners on approaches and strategies for addressing the identified threats to the environment and sustainable development of the Seas of East Asia
  • To build confidence among partners through collaborative projects and programmes
  • To achieve synergies and linkages in implementing the SDS-SEA among partners
  • To reduce in-country and regional disparities in capacities for sustainable coastal and ocean development and management

In supporting governments and stakeholder partners to realize their shared vision and mission, PEMSEA implements various programs with focus on the following categories:

Partnerships and Management

Consisting of activities that point to the establishment of long-term, self-sustaining regional mechanisms, which lead to approved partnership programs for effective SDS-SEA implementation.

Core Operations

Consisting of activities that directly assist countries on national policy reforms, scaling up of ICM programmes at the national and local government levels, technical cooperation in integrated and ecosystem-based management of watersheds, estuaries and adjacent coastal seas.

Supporting Activities

Consisting of activities related to the development of core human, financial, scientific, technical, legal and information resources which are necessary for the satisfactory performance of the programmes, and those that facilitate sustainability of the SDS-SEA initiatives.

PEMSEA Resource Facility is ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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